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Reduce inequality within and among countries

Before the pandemic, modest gains had been made in the reduction of inequality in certain areas, for example, reducing income inequality in some countries and territories, continuing preferential trade status for lower-income countries and territories and decreasing transaction costs for remittances. However, inequality persists, whether in relation to income, wealth, opportunity or other dimensions. The pandemic is exacerbating existing inequalities within and among countries and territories and hitting the most vulnerable people and the poorest countries and territories hardest, and is likely to delay the progress of the poorest countries and territories on the Goals by a full 10 years. Globally, the number of refugees reached its highest level on record in 2020. Even with strict COVID-19-related restrictions on mobility around the world, thousands of migrants died on their migratory journey.

Source: https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal10

SDG 10 in Numbers

Proportion of first-generation students
Number of students starting a degree
Number of first-generation students starting a degree
Proportion of international students from developing countries
Number of students
Number of international students from developing countries
Proportion of students with disabilities
Number of students
Number of students with disability
Proportion of employees with disabilities
Number of employees
Number of employees with disability

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